Starting a business in Spain - Tijdelijk met 10 euro korting

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Artikelinformatie Starting a business in Spain - Tijdelijk met 10 euro korting

starting a business in spain

Starting a business in Spain - Tijdelijk met 10 euro korting

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Tijdelijk met 10 euro korting

Many hundreds of thousands of foreigners have bought property in Spain, and a large proportion of these Spanish homeowners dream of earning a living there by running a business. Vacation Work's new title Starting a Business in Spain is essential reading for those wishing to turn the dream into reality by guiding readers through the possibilities and practicalities of doing so.

The book explores the trades and professions which are most in demand and likely to provide a successful career or business sideline. Spain is a modern industrialized country and, as in other countries, the foreign would-be entrepreneur can look for some gap in the market that they can fill with their services. Alternatively a visitor my decide to go with the flow and run a small hotel or restaurant or buy a farm or vineyard. But it is also possible to succeed by setting up a business catering for the English-speaking expatriate communities that cluster around Spain's Mediterranean coast. Many of the members of these communities do not speak Spanish and would welcome the chance of dealing with an English-speaking plumber, builder, butcher, dentist, computer technician, lawyer, or hairdresser.

Also included is full detail on: businesses and trades in demand; sources of advice and assistance; procedures for starting up; suitable business structures; how to buy an existing business; where to get loans and grants; tax, social security and pensions; finding and employing staff; and much, much more

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