Working and Living: New Zealand

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working and living new zealand

Working and Living: New Zealand

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If you're planning on moving to New Zealand, this essential book not only tells you where to start, but guides you through every step. Whether you're heading for Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, it helps you fit in fast, with invaluable background on lifestyle, politics and media, and tips on current hot topics. All you need to know about living in New Zealand and finding work is outlined in reassuring detail, from obtaining visas and permits to tax and employment law, renting or buying a home, starting a business and finding schools. Engaging, readable and packed with case studies and expert advice, this is the only guide you need.

Inside you will find:

  • expert guidance on tackling red tape
  • everyday life explained - phones, internet, TV, banking, shopping, health, education, and home utilities
  • how to find work and keep it, or start your own business, with useful contacts and bags of ideas
  • complete profiles of the regions, and an outline of climates
  • 16 pages of color photographs
  • scores of anecdotes and personal stories - learn from the challenges and experience of others

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